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Garden State Rumble 2008

Come cheer us on Saturday, February 9th at TCNJ for the NJ state competition! Having placed second in Delaware, Bolts is now looking to take the lead and win a seat in the nationals. It's sure to be an exciting event, with Bolts' newly improved robot. Wish us luck!

Diamond State FIRST Tech Challenge

Both Driven Nuts and Driven Bolts competed in the Diamond State FTC Regional at the University of Delaware on January 19th. Nuts ranked an impressive 4th place in the qualifying matches and captained their own alliance for the elimination rounds, while Bolts ranked 15th. Bolts was picked by the second alliance captain and also continued on into the elimination rounds. The Nuts alliance did a great job, but was eliminated in the semi-finals. The alliance with Bolts made it all the way to the final round of the competition, but ended up in second place.

December 15, Hightstown FTC Competition

Driven Bolts will be competing in a preliminary New Jersey competition on Saturday, December 15. Come on down! We would love to have more people cheering us on! This event is purely First Tech Challenge - not mixed with other FIRST (FRC or FLL) activities. It is small enough (only about 15 teams) so that you should be able to get up close and see everything that goes on. Opening ceremonies are set for 8:40 am. First matches should begin at 9:30 and run until about noon. The action resumes at 1:15 (after a lunch break) and we should be wrapping things up by 4:30.

Bolts Win at Brunswick Eruption

Driven Bolts, using their backup robot, ended up in first place at the informal scrimmage held at Brunswick Eruption on November 3rd. Their primary robot was being rebuilt at the event and wasn't ready to compete. The holonomic drive second bot filled in and did surprisingly well.

The event generated a lot of interest in FTC and participants learned a lot and had a great time. Our thanks to Anya, who came by and helped out with driving while we were short-handed.