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Bolts are in the news yet again...

Driven Bolts appeared in the newspaper again in the March 13 Asbury Park Press: This is a nice follow-up article about the team's win in Connecticut and our invitation to Atlanta. It seems that in some areas the article was printed on different days - while it was in some papers on Thursday, we found it in the Sunday edition (March 16) on page AA3.

Nuts will join Bolts in Atlanta!

Congratulations to Driven Nuts, who have been invited into the Atlanta competition based on their Think Award win at the Delaware FTC Regional Championship. After earning finalist awards now in two regionals, the team is looking sharp and we are hoping to see them among the top seeds in the World Championship in the Georgia Dome.

Driven Nuts competes in PA

Come cheer for Driven Nuts on Saturday, March 8, as they compete in the FTC Pennsylvania Championship Tournament. The competition will be held at Weatherly Middle School in Weatherly, PA. Nuts will be up against over forty other teams, aiming to earn their chance to attend the World Championships in Atlanta. Opening ceremonies begin at 9:00 AM and matches will start at 11:00. Wish us luck!!!!

Free admission. More event info...

Bolts is headed to Atlanta!

Despite a snow storm that tried to mess up everything, the Connecticut FTC organizers pulled off a great championship competition! The start was postponed to allow teams extra travel time, and the volunteers kept the day moving smoothly after that.

Bolts started strong and hadn't lost a match after 6 preliminary rounds. Earning ranking points consistently through the morning, the team went to the top ranking spot and stayed there, becoming the number one alliance captain.