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Bolts is headed to Atlanta!

Despite a snow storm that tried to mess up everything, the Connecticut FTC organizers pulled off a great championship competition! The start was postponed to allow teams extra travel time, and the volunteers kept the day moving smoothly after that.

Bolts started strong and hadn't lost a match after 6 preliminary rounds. Earning ranking points consistently through the morning, the team went to the top ranking spot and stayed there, becoming the number one alliance captain.

Bolts picked team 175, Checkmate, first for their awesome goal control, and then added team 662, the Brooklyn Mustangs to the alliance for additional scoring support.

The alliance did a great job in the quarter finals and semi-finals. And arriving at the final match found themselves facing Nuts in the opposing alliance! After a really tough final round, Bolts led their alliance to beat Nuts and finished in the top spot in the competition, earning their place in the World Championships. When awards time came around, the team discovered that they had won the Inspire Award as well - the top honor in the competition!

Many thanks to our alliance partners - hope you get picked in the lottery. Both teams were great partners and deserve a chance to compete in the Georgia Dome.

And of course, thanks to Kathie Kentfield and her amazing team of volunteers who pulled this off despite the weather.

Off to Atlanta...