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March 10, 2007 PA FVC Championship

Driven Nuts 158/2158 had its best showing in team history on Saturday at the Pennsylvania FVC tournament. For the first time, they were seeded in the top eight and they also won an elimination round for the first time. Their robot performed wonderfully. They were 1-0 in practice rounds, 3-1 in qualifying matches, and 3-2 in elimination rounds, a total of 7 wins and 3 losses (a .700 winning percentage - better than every Major League Baseball team last season). They might have just been lucky in the qualifying matches - two of their victories were by a margin of 1 point - but luck cannot fully explain the success they had in the elimination rounds. They should have never had a chance in the semifinals, facing the #1 alliance. But they proved that a well-developed strategy can be effective against brute force. Although they ended up losing the round, it was for the want of a single softball in the low goal, not because they could no longer hold out against the overwhelming power of their opponents. Check out our photos at: "":