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VEX World Championships

On Wednesday, April 13, the Nuts and Bolts both flew down to Orlando, Florida for the VEX World Championships. 416 of the best high school VEX teams were competing as well. Unfortunately, both DRIVEN teams had some bad luck with their robot and batteries on the field, so they didn't rank very well nor did they win any awards. No tears were shed though, the Nuts had a very successful first year and everyone had a fantastic time together and with other teams. Four birthdays were celebrated that weekend (Dana, Jai, Elliot, and David), and the girls had fun putting their hair up in mohawks--and turned out to be quite popular because of it (or maybe it was just their pretty faces). All in all, World's wrapped up a very fun and successful year for the DRIVEN teams, and the members have already started planning their robot for 2011-2012's Gateway! !/files/team.jpg! DRIVEN Nuts: Julia, Lorelei, Mea, Eli, and Luke !/files/IMG_2787small.jpg! Julia, Lorelei (mentor), and Mea !/files/bolts.JPG! DRIVEN Bolts: Pete, David, Michael, John, and Jai !/files/IMG_6659.JPG! Celebrating Jai, Elliot, and David's birthdays