Cape May Competition

Last Sunday the team went to the New Jersey Cape May VEX Competition.

During the Qualification round, 1224J Team Jupiter was ranked #2 and 1224B Driven Bolts was ranked #4.

Team Jupiter was the alliance captain for the second alliance, playing with Driven Bolts and 9720B Cape May Tech.


Haverford Robotics Gateway Event

The new VEX Robotics Competition game for the 2011-2012 season is Gateway, and was revealed at the 2011 VEX Robotics World Championship. Students, with guidance from their teachers and mentors will aim to build the most innovative robots possible and work together to obtain the most points possible. In addition to just having a great time and building amazing robots, through their participation in the VEX Robotics Competition and their work within their team, students will learn many academic and life skills.

VEX World Championships

On Wednesday, April 13, the Nuts and Bolts both flew down to Orlando, Florida for the VEX World Championships. 416 of the best high school VEX teams were competing as well. Unfortunately, both DRIVEN teams had some bad luck with their robot and batteries on the field, so they didn’t rank very well nor did they win any awards. No tears were shed though, the Nuts had a very successful first year and everyone had a fantastic time together and with other teams.